Returning Sailfish Swimmers check your squad here.

We will see you on the 22nd of August. Complete your registration for 23/24 linked below.

To be an official member of the sailfish team and be able to join meets, time trials and other Sailfish swim team activities, please sign up after you have been allocated to a squad. All new squad swimmers and returning squad swimmers to the team need to complete the form. 

SAILFISH REGISTRATION 23/24 (only for returning swimmers that has been given a Squad) 

For HS students interested in swimming during the varsity season from Nov-Jan an additional registration is required.

 *REGISTRATION for the HS Athletics sports for SY 23-24 will open in early August.  An email will be sent to all HS students in August to register so you are recorded and on the list for tryouts. This registration must be completed for S2 HS swimmers. * Note-New students to HS will not be able to register until you are given access to your ISM email. Once new students can access their ISM email look for an email from Mr Pekin (Athletic Director) click on the link in the email to register for our HS swim team program from November-end of January. Swimmers who make the HS Varsity team will represent ISM at the IASAS swim meet held late January/early February each year.

Complete your registration in early August '23 at  HS ATAC/Athletics Registration