Sailfish 22/23 training schedule

ES Training times - 2:15-3:15

Squad 1 - MWF - Betty

Squad 2- MWF - Cheryl

Squad 3 - TWTH - Hazel

Squad 4 - TWTH - Rod

MS/HS Training time - 3:15- 4:30

Squad 5 - MWF - Betty

Squad 6 - MWF - Cheryl

Squad 7 - TWTH - Rod

High School Varsity - M/T/W/TH/F 3:15-4:40

Wednesday morning TBC

*No Training during early release days.

Training Requirements to be eligible for Meets

To be eligible to compete for Sailfish at meets swimmers need to meet the training requirements in order to swim as a representative of the ISM Sailfish team. Part of being on any team is making a training commitment, enjoying the camaraderie of other team members and making a contribution to the overall team program. If you have questions about the requirements for meet participation speak directly with Coach Hazel for clarification.

ES: 3 sessions available per week- attend as many a possible with at least 1 session a week required in the stipulated lead up period to the upcoming meet

MS: 3-4 sessions available per week with at least 2 sessions a week required in the stipulated lead up period to the upcoming meet

HS: 3-4 sessions available per week with at least 3 sessions a week required in the stipulated lead up period to the upcoming meet.* (During HS varsity season a minimum of 4 sessions per week are required to be eligible for IASAS selection, there will be an additional training day for this.)

If you have been unable to achieve the minimum training requirements in the lead up period to a particular meet(s)…..please know that you are still considered a Sailfish team member and we look forward to you being able to compete whenever possible next time. If a swimmer is ill or injured for an extended period of time as a courtesy please inform Coach Hazel.

Contact Coach Hazel if you have any questions…

*Any student who is an official member of the Philippine National swim squad must talk with their Head Coach to ensure they are able to meet the ISM minimum training requirements to be eligible for ISM team selection for seasonal and year round teams.

events/meets SCHEDULE

Swim meets and events are available via the side bar tab at the Sailfish Calendar page of this website. Meets and events are also included on the Athletics game schedule page to keep parents/swimmers informed. To access to the game schedule go to the ISM webpage , log in to the parent portal and click on the athletics game schedule icon.

*Please note the schedule can change often and at short notice so check it regularly for the most up to date information. Due to ISM security access to the game schedule must be routed via the parent portal and should not be shared with external parties.