sailfish AWARDS

Sailfish team awards- *Coaches present certificates and awards at the year end banquet the last week of May each year.



HS Seasonal Sports Award dates- for SY 21/22 will be confirmed in August...

  • S2 awards is scheduled for tbc?, 2022 from 5:30pm at the Fine Arts Theatre for team members & parents *For all S2 sports and IASAS swim team members.

HS Sports awards format-

  • 5:30-6pm Light snacks/refreshments at the Fine arts Theatre Lobby area

  • 6pm awards begin in the Fine Arts Theatre with MVP awardees recognised for JV&Varsity teams, along with 4 year recipients and any special IASAS awards.

  • From 7:05 to 7:40pm teams will go to break out areas for final team talks/coaches speeches relevant to the teams season and highlights. Parents are welcome to attend both the formal presentation of the major awards and break out sessions for the coaches season end talk specific to their son/daughters team


ES/MS awards are scheduled in the final week of training each season and the final week of school year for AYR teams.

HS sports awards are scheduled shortly after the season concludes.

Certificates are presented for-

MVP: Given to the athlete(s) on each sport team whom the coach feels contributed the most to the team during the season taking into account attitude, attendance, skill and performance.

Coaches Choice: Given to the athlete(s) on each sports team whom the coach feels contributed the most to the team during the season taking into account; sportsmanship, dedication, character and contribution to the team.

Special Recognition: Awarded to the student(s) who have provided leadership and support, displayed qualities as an active role model and have done so within the framework of special achievement in the ISM Athletics and Activities program.

Sportsmanship: Given to that boy and girl who exemplify the qualities of consistent and sincere sportsmanship during a sports season.

High School Awards: Can be given to Varsity/Junior Varsity (JV)/Aspirants participants who complete a full season in a sport and who meet the coaches’ criteria. Any participant in good standing, who does not complete the full season due to legitimate reasons (e.g. health/injury, early graduation, transfer to another school, etc.) may still be eligible for an award.

In addition to certificates for awards above HS students can also be presented with an IASAS Four Year Award. This award is given to student(s) who participate in the same sport(s) for four consecutive years.

IASAS Scholar: Awarded to students who participate in at least two IASAS events in the same year and have an average GPA of 6.0 or better on the ISM 7.0pt grading scale. GPA is averaged over the first 3 quarters only. Note*This does not include IASAS Math as it is a one-off test which does not have the seasonal demands that IASAS Athletics/CC or MUN programs demand. * For Sy 20-21 due to the COVID19 situation the GPA at the end of semester 1 will be used as the cut off for this award.